Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sources For Contemporary Halachic Topics

Attitude to the non-Orthodox (L)
'Ashkefard' - mixed nusach and pronunciation (S)
Brushing teeth on Shabbat (L)
Bullfights and trips to the zoo (M)
Burying a gentile in a Jewish cemetery (M)
Canvas Sukkot (M)
Carrying in an hotel on Shabbat (M)
Chalav Yisrael (1) - introduction (L)
Chalav Yisrael (2) - powdered milk (L)
Chalav Yisrael (3) - government controls (L)
Chanukah candles and havdalah (M)
Copyright (1) - introduction (S)
Copyright (2) (M)
Electricity on Shabbat (1) - introduction (L)
End of life
Erasing God's name from a computer (L)
Ethics of 'kosher' bacon bits (L)
Eruv that breaks on Shabbat (M)
Father's presence at childbirth (L)
Female sterilisation (M)
Floral tributes at Jewish cemeteries (S)
Fruit trees (S)
Gambling (S)
HaGomel for air travellers (S)
Hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut (L)
Heter Mechirah (L)
Honouring wrong-doers (M)
Hunting (S)
Hydroponically grown vegetables (L)
International date-line (M)
Internet commerce on Shabbat (L)
Inviting gentiles on Yom Tov (M)
Inviting non-observant guests for Shabbat (M)
Israelis in the Diaspora for Yom Tov Sheni (1) (L)
Israelis in the Diaspora for Yom Tov Sheni (2) (L)
Kashrut of cheese (L)
Kashrut of medicines (M)
Kashrut of tuna (S)
Kashrut of whisky (M)
Kol ishah (S)
Litigation in civil courts (1) - introduction (L)
Litigation in civil courts (2) (L)
Litigation in civil courts (3) (L)
Lost and swapped property in public places (L)
Maror (L)
Mitzvot in space (M)
Movement-sensitive lights on Shabbat (S)
Music during the Omer (M)
Otzar Beit Din (L)
Piggy-backing on an internet connection (L)
Prisoner exchanges in Israel (L)
Public menorah-lightings (M)
Repeating words during davening (S)
Real-hair wigs (L)
Recreational drugs (S)
Riding a bicycle on Shabbat (M)
Share ownership
Software piracy (M)
Sushi in halachah (M)
Tattooing and body piercing (S)
Teaching Torah to gentiles
Keriah at holy sites in modern Israel (M)
Telling the truth to the terminally ill (L)
Visiting a church or a mosque (M)
Visiting a non-Orthodox synagogue (M)
Women wearing men's clothing (M)
Yom Tov Sheni for visitors to Israel (M)